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Lugs with tapered fork and disc. Chris King matte mango and a few lightweight carbon components. Ferrari nocciola metallizato color and the obligatory René Herse tires. Mix everything and you're done! Actually built for myself but standing in the shop window since completion and gradually carrying dust. A little bike accident forces me to look at this thing every day while having to resist the urge to get on and just go. Nevertheless, I am particularly pleased that the Bike won the Newcomer Prize at the Concours Velo. That means, in the eyes of the jury, it was considered the most important creation of the years 2019/20. Yes, the question is certainly justified. What now? All the Cinellis, Bonanzas and other beauties of the past do not obviously point the way to the future. They stand as witnesses to the past and are admired from a distance like museum pieces. I stick to it, a well thought-out mixture of carbon and steel is still unmatched for the driving experience. Quiet, fast and incredibly attractive. A piece of history brought into the now.

I have now built this bike two more times as an allroader, with slightly thicker tires. The frame set includes KOI custom frame and Columbus FUTURA carbon fork.

Price frameset 3700.-

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