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As with the custom bike, the course also starts with the development of the design.  

maybe you have  you already have concrete ideas, but perhaps there is only one  daring feeling, an idea of the bike you want to ride one day. Or maybe it's just the desire to create something with your own hands. The starting point is always different.  

With the right questions  becomes  From a hunch an idea and from the idea an implementation plan. We have developed a BIKE MODELING CANVAS that helps both of us  turn the feeling into something concrete.  


The information is collected and transferred to a CAD model. On this basis we will develop your bike together. 

You will join if you wish  the  component selection and  the  Geometry development advised or challenged.

However, there is no formula for  the  ideal geometry. When finding the right geometry, it always depends on what kind of riding style you have  Goals  you follow  or which feeling you would like to experience on your bike. Your body mass, your current bike and your current problem areas when riding are reference points that provide us with the information for the new geometry. 

I'm also happy to just watch you driving a small lap to see how stable you are  to the  bike is sitting. 

Think  Experience in geometry development  and my understanding of design will support you in customizing your dream bike. 

DREIERCYCLES specializes in the construction of racing bikes,  four wheel drive  and gravel bikes,  track fixies  and randonneurs with classic diamond frames. You can realize these types of bikes in the course.

We don't build recumbent, cargo or electric bikes,  the  development costs would be far too high.

The same applies to full suspension MTBs.

But we like to build MTB hardtails.




Depending on your talent and skills, you will take on most of the building yourself as part of the course.

I'm always amazed at how well the course participants manage to build their first frame.  



Here are some impressions from our frame building courses:




Whether powder coating  or  Cerakote, we  finish here with us in-house. 

That  gives us many  freedoms  in  the  creation  and  leaves nothing to be desired. 

The costs for this depend on how complex the painting is. 


We are open to experiments. Whether candy glaze, clear coat finish or even water transfer printing, we try everything that looks awesome in the end. Let us advise you, we will surely find the right one  Solution.

CERAKOTE has proven to be the perfect painting option based on a ceramic coating. With a layer thickness of 0.025mm, it is applied extremely thinly, but is very rust-resistant  and  also very scratch-resistant due to the baking process. In contrast to powder coating, it can also be applied to carbon parts.




You can assemble your bike yourself together.

The workshop is fully equipped  and  offers enough space for you to work in peace. 

Or the assembly is done for you and you pick up your finished bike ready to ride from the shop.





  • Frame building course 2400.-

  • Powder coating frame in one color 280.-

  • Additional color with powder coating  75.-

  • Painting the writing including plotting masking foils - 180.-

  • Cerakote Ceramic coating in one colour  450.-

  • Additional color with Cerakote coating  180.-

  • Fork, stem, seat post  also painted 150.-

  • Rent workshop for one day (only for course participants)  50.-

  • Velo component assembly completely according to effort between  350.- and 500.-

  • Component build support per hour  150.-/h

  • Second bike frame building course  2200.-

  • Everything else special such as racks or mounts for pinion gears is calculated separately and charged at cost  150.-/h

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