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After the ZURIGO concept had found its place as an all-rounder in the gravel and all-road sector and had already impressed many customers, the idea was born to design a race gravel bike based on the ZURIGO. A little stiffer than the ZURIGO and more aero. These are the two elements that should make the ZURAGO a little faster.


Not that far from the ZURIGO but still different. Fully integrated cable routing, carbon seat tube and larger tube diameters of the COLUMBUS Life family not only change the look of the bike, but also the riding feel. A little more direct, faster corner initiation and flex properties for higher wattage ranges, these are the main features and differences to the ZURIGO. Like a hypercar, the ZURAGO can of course also be ridden slowly and comfortably, but the bike actually screams to be "blasted".

How the design will ultimately turn out will only become clear after the test phase. ZURAGO will only be launched on the market when everything is 100% functional and all test objectives have been met.

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